Sample Audits

It is the process of having an international trade professional review your importing practices holistically with an eye toward missed errors and opportunities. The goals of this review can be varied, but most commonly, it is used to determine trade compliance, identify areas of potential improvement, and flag issues before a Customs audit.   

As part of this holistic review process, a sample audit involves an internal review of Customs entries, including existing classifications and valuation. It can also involve previous tariff payments, declared origins, and use of existing free trade agreements.

A sample audit is the surest way to ensure that your international trade endeavors are compliant and take full advantage of the many opportunities that are often available for international businesses.

Informed Accuracy

Trust our team of specialists to ensure your goods are properly classified before they ship.
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What is the difference between an Audit, a Verification, and an Assessment? 

They are functionally interchangeable as terms. Formally, as in the case of most correspondence with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), ‘verification’ is the preferred nomenclature, whereas US Customs and Border Protection uses ‘assessment.’ Meanwhile, ‘audit’ is the more colloquially accepted term.

What Can We Do for You?

With roots reaching back to 1954, PCB has been leveraging its experience in the field of international trade and compliance to aid a wide range of businesses across myriad fields and industries. Our reputation for compliance-based services, including sample audits, has been vital to the successful importation of countless goods across hundreds of clients, leaving us as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to trade successfully internationally. 

Our team reviews your current imports along with those you have on record, going back as far as necessary to view your records through the lens of missed opportunities and compliance errors. Should we find anything, we can help with prior disclosure and/or setting up protocols to avoid this in the future.

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Benefits of a Sample Audit:

Our sample audits are a reliable way to inoculate your business against some of the worst elements of a Customs verification. It ensures that your business is compliant, and the reputation that you build as a result of that compliance may help you avoid further scrutiny in the future.

Additionally, a solid compliance plan can be used as a valuable starting point for a new project or enterprise, as the same processes that helped make your current imports compliant can be leveraged to ensure that new business ventures start that way. A sample audit can reveal options and opportunities that may have been missed otherwise. 

Using reputable trade compliance auditors can be one of the most consistent ways to ensure your business continues to trade internationally without issue.