Custom Compliance Manuals

A Customs compliance manual is a highly customized and detailed document built for your business and procurable from PCB. It can include:

  • A step-by-step guide on the basics of importing, including the parties involved, relevant paperwork, valuations, origins, and tariffs.
  • Customized appendices bespoke for your business and product type
  • An overview of record-keeping requirements for your specific business.
  • Advice on best practices to remain up-to-date with regulation changes.

This document keeps your business’s relevant importing information and compliance details in one accessible place.

Informed Accuracy

Trust our team of specialists to ensure your goods are properly classified before they ship.
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What Can We Do for You?

With one of our Customs manuals, you have a single resource comprised of all your import protocols, processes, and details. As your global trade specialists, we combine your business’s unique import needs with decades of industry experience for a bespoke and invaluable reference document.

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Benefits of a PCB Customs Manual:

One of the most significant pitfalls businesses can face when entering the world of international trade is the effective transfer of protocols. It routinely happens that vital information is discovered only to have existed in the context of one employee’s day-to-day work and has not been enshrined in any kind of larger documentation. These protocols are vulnerable to slow erosion and, in the case of international trade, resultant errors, but a Customs Compliance Manual can help by providing easy access and enshrinement to existing protocols - protecting them from being lost or forgotten over time. 

A record keeper may use this document daily, or it may only come into play when a new team member requires training. Regardless of the context, the Compliance manual you receive from PCB is perennially useful at virtually every stage of a business’s existence.