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A free trade agreement is an arrangement between two or more nations to reduce barriers to trade across their borders. Typically, the benefits of a free trade agreement come in the form of eliminated or reduced tariffs between those nations, with the Canada - US free trade agreement exemplifying an elimination in the majority of cases.

The US and Canada both maintain around 14 active international agreements. If your business trades internationally, and particularly if it deals in highly manufactured items with many international sources, it behooves you to leverage as many of these agreements as you can. 

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Optimizing your supply chain through the lens of these agreements requires intimate knowledge of dozens of highly complex international treaties. 

When you hire PCB for your Free Trade Agreement Review needs, you are hiring an experienced international trade strategist with access to decades years of experience and the intricacies of these agreements. We will review your supply chain and work with you to formulate a plan to make these agreements work best for you. 

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Benefits of a Free Trade Agreement Review:

Several factors can influence how much you pay when you cross the border, but very few of them have the cost-saving effect a free trade agreement can have on your supply chain. These agreements are considered in the same category as classification and valuation - fundamental pillars that, when taken together, determine your duties at Customs.

It is extremely relevant, and the amount of money that can be saved is routinely in the millions.

PCB not only works to gauge your qualification for these agreements - we can also apply on your behalf. We can help determine your import’s country of origin, the composition of your import, and any unique tariff engineering opportunities that may be available to you - all things that are greatly aided by our decades of experience and industry knowledge.