Tariff Relief

Tariff relief is one of the most vital services we offer at PCB. It refers to the larger collection of services and knowledge bases that our team can leverage to find in-compliance opportunities to reduce your tariffs. Our team of compliance-focused experts reviews your commodities, sourcing, and manufacturing with an eye toward tariff optimization on your business’s current and future imports. 

Under the correct circumstances, PCB can help your business import more effectively and potentially provide significant savings every time you import.

With PCB’s tariff relief services, you are leveraging decades of industry experience and best practices to get the best return possible on your imports.

Informed Accuracy

Trust our team of specialists to ensure your goods are properly classified before they ship.
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What Can We Do For You?

Our team has been helping importers save money at Customs for decades, and that experience is invaluable for those looking to improve their organization’s procedures and protocols. A few of the avenues of inquiry we can provide to reduce your business’s tariff fees include: 

  • Assessments of unused Free Trade Agreements 
  • Options for tariff engineering
  • Reviews of possible exclusions from particular trade remedies
  • Review of your import’s HS Tariff Classifications

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Benefits of Tariff Relief:

Even experienced international businesses can benefit from cost-savings at the border, and that is precisely what tariff relief aims to achieve. Whether it’s reviewing your current supply chain and finding opportunities or helping you develop a cost-effective plan for a new enterprise, tariff relief represents the possibility of even more lucrative international trading ventures. 

This service also represents years of experience and our role as a client resource. Whether you are a seasoned importer looking for help with tariff engineering or a new business working to understand basic questions like:

  • What are the three types of tariffs?
  • Who do you pay your customs tariff to?
Our Tariff Relief Team is your international trade resource.