Post-Verification Compliance Audits

At the conclusion of a Customs verification, it is not uncommon for businesses to find fault or disagree with Custom’s findings. There are many reasons why this may be the case, but if you disagree with the results of your verification, the surest way to know if your grievances have merit is by letting a qualified third party, like PCB, investigate the results through a post-verification audit. 

If your concerns are warranted, or there is precedent for them, then we can recommend and guide you through appealing the results with the appropriate governing body.

In most cases, audit, verification, and assessment are interchangeable terms. In formal settings, as is the case with most interactions with Canadian Customs, ‘verification’ is the preferred terminology. The term ‘audit’ is most often used as a broad and colloquially acceptable term.

Informed Accuracy

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What Can We Do for You?

The PCB Trade Advisory Team is among the most practiced in the industry. After researching relevant precedents and current rulings, we can quickly and effectively review your Customs audit and identify any potential appeal opportunities. 

Our team is adept at interpreting and explaining compliance audit findings. Any ambiguity or concerns you may have, we can help bring to light and recommend courses of action. Additionally, should it be necessary, our team can aid in putting in new protocols for future compliance efforts. 

Finally, should a formal protest be deemed the appropriate response, we will help you take the next steps right up to recommending a reputable trade lawyer, should one be necessary.

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Benefits of a Post-Verification Audit:

If you believe there has been an error in your assessment by Customs, then the Post Verification Audit is the first and most important step toward correcting that error. 

The primary benefit of the post-verification audit comes in the form of quickly identifying the most effective next steps. Determining whether your grievances have merit, can be handled internally, or will require legal counsel, can very quickly save you thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary processes and protracted legal proceedings. Alternatively, it can grant you a headstart on that process, taking on some of the headaches for you. 

Leveraging the informed opinion of industry experts in your protest is the surest way to ensure you are moving in the right direction.