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PCB began providing services for businesses participating in international trade back in 1954. From that point on, our team has grown into an internationally recognized source of industry knowledge and experience.

Our personalized instruction service allows us to share that knowledge with you and your business in a format that is custom-built to suit your specific needs. 

From live talks to seminars, on-site presentations, pre-recorded webinars, and both hosted and on-site presentations, our team is ready to share what we have learned and help prepare your business for any of the challenges that await in the ever-changing world of international trade. 

Informed Accuracy

Trust our team of specialists to ensure your goods are properly classified before they ship.
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What Can We Do for You?

Few in the industry can match our up-to-date knowledge in the world of Customs brokerage and international trade, and we are equipped to share that knowledge with you and your team in the format that best suits you. Some of the personalized options available for our clients have included: 

  • One-on-one or seminar training about an industry-related topic.
  • A broad-brush discussion to a small team regarding industry trends 
  • A recorded webinar intended for regular dissemination to new hires about specific elements of international trade.
  • Live and on-demand education sessions. 
  • Customized training videos
  • Nearly every combination of location, size, and topic 

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Benefits of the Duty Drawback Program:

From revisiting and brushing up with the latest in trade basics to deep dives and discussions with industry leaders - PCB can cover the topics that are most relevant to your business. There is no better way to ask questions and discuss the issues relevant to your team with thought leaders in the field of customs brokerage and international trade. Some topics can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Importing into Canada or the US
  • Ongoing Changes in the World of Trade
  • HS Tariff Classifications for your imports
  • CFIA and FDA Requirements
  • Record Keeping
  • Compliance with Customs Regulations

All personalized instruction comes with post-presentation access to the presenter for questions and print materials covering the discussed topic.