Provisional Entry Applications

A provisional entry application is an entry type that is reserved for special imports. Whether it is the parts and plans of a major installation or the safe import of military equipment, specific steps can be taken to reduce costs and ensure a smooth crossing.

PCB can help you identify provisional entry opportunities and can even help you with the application process.

Informed Accuracy

Trust our team of specialists to ensure your goods are properly classified before they ship.
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What Can We Do For You?

When your import is atypical in size or scope and meets specific typal parameters, PCB can help you cross effectively and with a potentially significant cost reduction. Our services include: 

  • An assessment of your qualifications for provisional entry use. 
  • The writing of an HS tariff ruling.
  • A foundational evaluation of your needs, with recommendations based on best practices.
  • A relevant determination of your project’s scope, including metrics such as modes of transport and projected number of shipments.
  • Professional handling of the application process for your project’s provisional entry.

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Benefits of a Provisional Entry Application:

Large-scale projects requiring substantial materials, military significance, or other complicated imports can significantly strain a business’s budget. A provisional entry, if applicable, can reduce this cost, often in the millions of dollars, and all that is required is a knowledgeable import specialist, like the ones we have here at PCB , who recognizes the opportunity for a Provisional Entry Application when it comes to them.