Supply Chain Audit

A supply chain audit is a full, in-depth look at your current supply chain and logistics plan. Its goal, fundamentally, is to mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and offer areas of improvement with an eye toward a more sustainable and profitable outcome.

Most typically, a supply chain audit follows a process that begins with identifying the scope of the audit and establishing a strategy. There are many different kinds of supply chain audits for each potential issue, and identifying and enacting the one most relevant to your business is key. Once a scope and a strategy have been determined, auditors begin collecting vital data about your business and interview your relevant stakeholders seeking a full picture of your supply chain at every link. Then, reports and recommendations are made with suggestions and corrective steps. 

Taken as a whole, a PCB Supply Chain Audit can be a vital diagnostic tool that determines where your business is doing well and where bottlenecks, high-risk links and missed opportunities lie.

Informed Accuracy

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What Can We Do for You?

The benefit of using PCB for your supply chain audit checklist needs is that we offer a holistic approach. PCB has roots reaching back to 1954, and that means practical experience and knowledge that will serve to identify your supply chain’s weaknesses more effectively and develop solutions sooner. As global trade experts, we can quickly and easily identify what is working and what poses a potential issue.

Some of the elements our specialists consider when reviewing your supply chain include: 

  • Assessments of your currently used Incoterms®
  • 3rd Party Vendor Risk Assessment
  • Sourcing countries and shipping routes 
  • Contract Compliance

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Benefits of a Post-Verification Audit:

How effective a supply chain auditing is comes down to how best to find a problem you don’t know is there. There is simply no other way to know the full extent of your supply chain’s efficacy or risks without an audit. 

Not only can an audit determine which elements of your chain are most at risk, but it can help you develop risk management strategies to curb that, ultimately saving you potentially significantly in the long run. A supply chain audit is also an indicator to partners and potential customers that you take the success of your business seriously. It shows a dedication to delivering what you promise, increasing your credibility in the eyes of stakeholders both internally and externally. 

Beyond that, audits can also do tremendous work in improving the accuracy of all your systems - including forecasting and planning. They often lead to improvements in systems and processes that had not been considered before. A keen understanding of your supply chain will lead to a better-flowing organization in a very obvious way. The more you know about your processes and the strategies you have put into place, the more effective all the associated systems can be.