The Duty Drawback Process

The Duty Drawback program refunds duty on imported goods provided that they meet one of three conditions: 

  • The imported goods are later exported as-is. 
  • The imported goods are used to produce or manufacture other goods that are then exported. 
  • They are obsolete or surplus goods to be destroyed. 
Once you are registered for the Duty Drawback program, have made your claim, and that claim has qualified, Customs will refund the duties you paid on those goods.

Informed Accuracy

Trust our team of specialists to ensure your goods are properly classified before they ship.
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What Can We Do for You?

The Duty Drawback process can seem complex, with many opportunities for time-consuming and costly errors. A consultation with our expert team can mitigate that potential for error by helping you:

  • Get set up to file for a Duty Drawback from customs.
  • Understand the Duty Drawback rules and guidelines before making your claim.
  • Determine if your claim qualifies for a Duty Drawback and the rate of your return, should it be eligible. 
  • File a claim for the Duty Drawback on your imported goods, including submitting the relevant paperwork.

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Benefits of the Duty Drawback Program:

If your imports qualify for Duty Drawback, pursuing it has no downside. You can receive potentially thousands of dollars back on your imports for a very reasonable amount of administration. And, if you have PCB handling your record keeping already, the process is made even simpler.